Perth Immigration Detention Centre

Coordinates: 31°55′55″S 115°57′22″E / 31.932°S 115.956°E / -31.932; 115.956
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Perth Immigration Detention Centre
The main entrance to the Perth Immigration Detention Centre
LocationRedcliffe, Western Australia
Security class?
Managed byDepartment of Immigration and Border Protection

Perth Immigration Detention Centre was opened in 1981 and is located near the domestic terminal of Perth Airport, Western Australia.[1]

The Perth IDC contained both a detention centre and residential housing for families. In 2009 it was managed by G4S, a private company,[2] but as of 2019 it is managed by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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31°55′55″S 115°57′22″E / 31.932°S 115.956°E / -31.932; 115.956